Young graduates and entitlement

I’ve been reading more and more few stories about younger generations who have a different view on what the world and a feeling of “entitlement”.

It starts at a very young age and carries into university settings.  See the results of this survey – conducted by by Rutgers, but not at Rutgers.

They believe that since they’re paying for their education, they should get to decide whether they go to class or not

And then the students complain about the professors and curriculums are too demanding and request their grades be changed.

This exchange between a NYU professor and a late student sums it up well.

Getting a good job, working long hours, keeping your skills relevant, navigating the politics of an organization, finding a live/work balance…these are all really hard . . .

And it carries into careers

It worries me as a manager of people if young graduates don’t have this figured out. Business is hard. We don’t get bonuses, salary increases, promotions based on effort. You need to deliver results. You need to take responsibility for getting their work done and doing it in a professional manner. Our customers don’t care how many hours you work, they care about getting the best product for their hard earned money.

So a piece of advice to future young professionals. Man (or woman) up. Be humble and work your ass off. The good stuff will follow.