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There are many Twitter webapps that show you the most popular items (links, hashtags, profiles etc). What’s missing are these tools for MY network.

Twitter has become a social bookmarking/discovery tool for me.  I really on all my friends to let me know what they find interesting.  I needed a simple way to see what new links are out there. started as a personal project to look at all the links in my twitter feed.  Then @ceonyc asked if anyone knew of such a tool.  So a little sprucing up and some additional functionality and it’s ready for public use.  I’ll visit this webapp after a period of not using twitter to see what kind of links are interesting. analyzes the tweets of your friends to see what URLs your friends are talking about.  In my network of friends, 4 tweets were made about the CNBC boycott.

Give it a try and let me know your thoughts @lmai

 Screenshot of
Screenshot of

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