Changing your personal workflow

I’m working on several projects that have a website component.  I got to thinking …what will it take for you to augment your personal workflow to use a new website on a regular basis?

When I fire up my browser, I have 5 default tabs: personal gmail, work gmail, google calendar, google reader, and tweetlnks.  I’m also test driving some additional websites that could be added to the default list, yammer and google wave.  Then you have regularly used applications  Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint, Putty/Editor, tweetdeck etc.

A new website/service has to have some compelling value for me to use it regularly.  Ideally, the new website/service can integrate (widget/API/firefox plugin) into one of my defaults until the I see enough value so that is top of mind for me to visit regularly or to make it a default.

Some examples: I really like RememberTheMilk, but the gmail integration wasn’t great and it couldn’t dethrone outlook tasks and gmail stars.
Collecta is a great search engine, but I haven’t seen the value yet.  I’ve tested it and liked what I saw, I just don’t want to spend time doing another search just to see if I’m missing something.
My twitter usage was sporadic until I hit a tipping-point (I can’t believe I used the term) and now it’s one of my defaults.

Bing could be an interesting case study for this.  It has grown market share, but at the expense of Yahoo, not Google. See here Bing increased it’s market share as a result of marketing and users taking it for a test drive.  But now the growth has slowed as the buzz has worn off and we find the results aren’t all the different.  See my app to compare.  How many more users will change their default search from google to bing?

How many websites do you visit on a regular basis?
What have you added to your “regular/default” list?  Why? What was the hurdle that changed your workflow?