We knew this day would come

Google Voice released a great new feature today, sms-to-email for notification and reply, effectively shutting down GoogSMS.

We knew this day would come, but it came a lot earlier than most expected.

So we’ll be deleting all the data and shutting down the service soon.

I will release an abridged version of the source code for Prowl notification that you can run it off your own server.

Thanks to all the beta testers and early adopters.

Why doesn't anyone respond? Metrics from GoogSMS

Here are some interesting metrics about GoogSMS‘s first week since it’s launch on Sept 1, 2009.

There are over 30 active users.  Thanks to all the early adopters.
There have been over 2,500 messages forwarded.
Only 150 replies to the messages forwarded.

I would assume that most people would reply to their SMS.  This leads me to believe that we need to educate our users about the ability to reply.

To that note
1.  We’ve simplified the response process for Prowl users with a link in the Prowl notification. See blog post.
2.  Added some bold text to the email message “Did you know” to draw attention to the fact that you can reply via email.

We have just gotten started with GoogSMS.  So much great feedback from our vocal users.  We hear you and are working hard to build the best product possible.

Reply to Google Voice SMS for Prowl users

Prowl notifications from GoogSMS now include a email link to send a response to the SMS received.

This will open the iPhone mail app with address pre-populated.  Just type your response in the body of the message and send.

Prowl Reply Link Shortcut

For both non-Prowl and Prowl users: you can also send a reply by replying to the email notification.

Oddness in Google Voice display

I may have found/stumbled upon a display bug in Google Voice.

If a msg thread exists before midnight, and a new message is added to the thread after midnight, the date of the old msgs is incorrectly set to the new day.  Since the msgs themselves don’t have a date display, only a timestamp, this can lead to issues when determining if a message is new or old.

bug in google voice

This message thread was started on 9/5 at 11:17pm.
As I sent a few messages after midnight, the date (second line of the image) changed to 9/6.  The intial messages sent prior to midnight now are associated with 9/6 instead of 9/5.

While this is not a big issue for google voice website users, it could cause a problem for html scrapers of the website.

Not to worry, Googsms has a fix for it.

Using the alternative email for GoogSMS

In your profile on GoogSMS, you can enter an alternative email address.

GoogSMS profile

If this is populated, all communication with GoogSMS will be sent to this email.  Your email notifications will be sent here and you can reply and send SMS from this address.

I use this on my iPhone to handle all my SMS.  I turn on the iPhone push notification so I get push alerts.
This also separates all my SMS from email.
This is also helpful it the email associated with your google voice number isn’t your primary email.

Let me know if you find this useful.