Parentville Content Widget launched a new feature, a content syndication widget.
Now, our partners can show the recommendations they’ve made on their site or blog.

Parentille Widget

It’s a step towards bringing the Parentville recommendations closer to our audience, which we believe will increase a number our metrics.

Only time will tell.

You can see it in action at
Parentville’s Townhall Blog
Life With Pooka


I’ve been twittering or tweeting or twitting. . . using Twitter for a while now.  It’s a great tool to listen in on conversations and get the pulse of what’s going.

I use it to communicate to my clients and to follow the communications of people I’m interested in.  I see great potential in use Twitter as a marketing tool.  As we get ready to launch, Twitter will be a channel to communicate the launch and happenings.  I follow @pleasedressme as they developed their site and eagerly waited for their launch.  I was informed of new updates to their index.  Great job guys!

Brian Solis has a great primer on what twitter is and related services and tools.

Sign up for your own account and follow me on twitter at @lmai to see what’s going on in my head.