Don't forget to ask for feedback

Yesterday I received a Groupon from Baja Fresh in Manhattan.  Why does Baja Fresh need to send out Groupons?  Probably because they get mostly tourists and one time visitors and Groupon is a way to drawn in locals.  Natives usually don’t go for the chains.  I wonder why?

I’ve redeemed a few Groupons in the past.  Most of them were for one-off eateries that I found interesting.

I’ve never once received any follow up from the establishments where I’ve redeemed.  They already have my email, they know I went in and tried their food/services.  Why not ask me what I thought?  Ask me if I would come back? Ask for my opinion. If need be, give an incentive.

You’ve already paid Groupon to collect a list of potential customers.  Don’t just throw it away, use it to gather feedback.  Then implement what would bring back customers and add value.

And yes, I was lazy and didn’t get the Baja Fresh Groupon in time.

Restaurant health inspections from

First off, kudos to NYC for releasing the data in a usable format.  I hope they update the data as necessary.  The apps that will be built around the data will most likely require updated data going forward.

I finally got around to parsing the health inspection data, here are some stats from the overall 375,488 data items available.

– 19,332 restaurants inspected
– 22,778 restaurant locations inspected

Of those 22,778 locations,
– 9,161 Manhattan
– 2,271 Bronx
– 5,265 Brooklyn
– 5,137 Queens
– 944 Staten Island

Next is to look into the inspection data and see what we can do with it.

Anyone interested in using the data for an existing app? email or twitter me @lmai