How many apps is to many?

It seems like every company wants to have an iPhone/Android app, from the big brands to the small retailer.  Why?

From my experience, most people don’t use all that many apps on a regular basis.

This is what I use:

Almost daily:
Mail, Safari, Twitter, Evernote, iTunes, Google Voice, NYTimes, Instapaper, WSJ,

At last weekly:
Mint,  Maps, Foursquare, Skype, RunKeeper, Yelp, rotation of games

My others apps are only for specific uses.

This all relates to my overall theme of habits.  How much value add is your app that I will change my habits to include yours?

Personally, most apps don’t bring that much value.  They won’t be get enough of my mindshare to load them up.

In the long run the aggregator and filter apps will will out.  I use Maps to find directions.  I use Yelp to find lunch.  I use Twitter to find interesting stuff (in fact, Twitter and Facebook have gotten too messy to wade thru that I need an aggregator for my social network –

Yes there are apps for niche use, and they are necessary.  But not every company needs an app that replicates their website.

Why I'll wait for the second generation iPad

I consider myself fairly technical and an early adapter of technologies/gadgets, but most of the time, I wait for the second generation.

EDGE speeds were horrible, apps had issues with OS, no cut and paste, and horrible phone reception resulting in many dropped and missed calls.

The 3Gs version solved those major issues and I’ve been very happy with my iPhone.

No camera, this is a no brainer. It’s on the iPhone and iPod Nano, so the integration and software exist.
No stylus support.
No Flash.  There are so many Flash based apps/sites.

I can envision a refresh coming around Christmas with a lower price point and camera.

How to set up Google Voice SMS push notification to iPhone via Prowl

Here is a step by step on how to set up Google Voice SMS push notification to your iPhone using Prowl and

1. Sign up for Prowl
2. Generate an API Key from the Prowl Settings Page

3.  Download Prowl from the app store ($2.99)
4.  Login to your account on GoogSMS and add your API key to your profile

GoogSMS profile

That’s it.  You will get a Prowl notification of your next SMS.  It should also show up in your inbox.
Don’t forget, you can reply to the SMS via the email.

* Some notes
– Prowl costs $2.99.  However it can we used for many other services yet to be written.
– There is a redirect feature for Prowl to open up the mail app on the iphone when you view the notification.  It takes you to a blank mail instead of your message.  It’s a limitation of Prowl.
Sept 9, 2009 – We have implemented a new link in the prowl notification for easy response.  See blog post