There are no SEO secrets or shortcuts

I have talked to many small business and website owners who set up a website and wonder why their site is buried several pages deep on search result pages.  They expect someone to get them listed at the top of natural search results within a week.  That might have been possible a few years ago, but not anymore.

Search engines are smart.  They know when you’re trying to dupe them and they don’t like it.  Google has a habit of penalizing websites that break their rules.  They are aware of the link building sites and services.

You business was probably not an overnight success.  You had to market your business and build a customer base.  It’s the same with SEO  – to be listed on page one of search results takes some time and a little effort.

Facebook execs selling their shares

Business Week article says Facebook execs are selling their shares.

2 interesting things
1.  There really isn’t supposed to be a market for this, and VC firms frown upon this.  Apparently FB is addressing this internally.
2.  The valuation is around $3.5 – $5 billion.  That’s way below the $15 billion valuation Microsoft paid.

Insight for Search – not much gets done on the weekends

Interesting image.  Searches for VC and PE drop dramitically over the weekends.

So what does get searched for on the weekends?

Oh well. . there’s no way to do this because you can’t get the granuality

Google's new tool: insight for search

I used trends and it gave some interesting glimpes into what people were searching for.  Now Google just announced yet another beta product – Insight for Search.

Today, we’re launching Google Insights for Search, a new product designed with the advertiser in mind. It provides more flexibility and functionality for advertisers and marketers to understand search behavior, and adds some cool new features like a world heat map to graphically display search volume and regional interest.”

Now let’s see what we can do with it…

Hasbro vs. Scrabulous

Scrabulous brought Scrabble back to life, but Hasbro had to shut it down it to protect their IP.

So they launched their own version on Facebook – SCRABBLE Beta and it has not been a hit with Scrabulous players.

This was coming a long time ago, but who would have thought Hasbro and EA (developer of SCRABBLE Beta) would put out such a horrible product.

I won’t be playing until they fix Scrabble or bring back Scrabulous.
If I really need a Scrabulous fix, I can always play on the Scrabulous site.

My Firefox Setup

I’ve been asked by many people about my firefox setup, so here it is.
I use the latest versions where possible and rely on the auto updates from the developers.


Portable Firefox – so I can move it move it when necessary and run off a flash drive
I run the latest version and it does auto updates.


Foxmarks – for bookmark syncing
Better Gmail
– I enable macros for the keyboard shortcuts
Better GCal – it just looks nice
– for tab context cookie management.  I run my personal gmail and my business gmail from one browser.
Grandcentral – to make calls from my browser – for bookmark management
– for more customization.  I use the Redesigned skin by Globex Designs
Greasemonkey – for more customization
Google Notebook – for my many notes to myself