Oddness in Google Voice display

I may have found/stumbled upon a display bug in Google Voice.

If a msg thread exists before midnight, and a new message is added to the thread after midnight, the date of the old msgs is incorrectly set to the new day.  Since the msgs themselves don’t have a date display, only a timestamp, this can lead to issues when determining if a message is new or old.

bug in google voice

This message thread was started on 9/5 at 11:17pm.
As I sent a few messages after midnight, the date (second line of the image) changed to 9/6.  The intial messages sent prior to midnight now are associated with 9/6 instead of 9/5.

While this is not a big issue for google voice website users, it could cause a problem for html scrapers of the website.

Not to worry, Googsms has a fix for it.

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