Don't forget to ask for feedback

Yesterday I received a Groupon from Baja Fresh in Manhattan.  Why does Baja Fresh need to send out Groupons?  Probably because they get mostly tourists and one time visitors and Groupon is a way to drawn in locals.  Natives usually don’t go for the chains.  I wonder why?

I’ve redeemed a few Groupons in the past.  Most of them were for one-off eateries that I found interesting.

I’ve never once received any follow up from the establishments where I’ve redeemed.  They already have my email, they know I went in and tried their food/services.  Why not ask me what I thought?  Ask me if I would come back? Ask for my opinion. If need be, give an incentive.

You’ve already paid Groupon to collect a list of potential customers.  Don’t just throw it away, use it to gather feedback.  Then implement what would bring back customers and add value.

And yes, I was lazy and didn’t get the Baja Fresh Groupon in time.