Don’t be stupid

Lately, I’ve noticed a trend lately that has me very worried. Two specific pieces of advice.

  1. It is okay to quit your job.
  2. Follow your dreams.

This post may come across harsh, but I can tell you it comes from experience and the reality of growing up.

It is not ok to quit your job

  1. You have financial obligations – student loans, rent, credit cards, future retirement, future spouse, future kids, future house, future car, future vacation. Notice I said future quite a few times.
    I was young once and I lived the dream. I worked at startups, I was unemployed, I traveled. Maybe I’m a worrier, but I knew someday I wanted a family and it was not going to be cheap.
  2. The grass is not greener on the other side. Being self employed is not easy. It is the hardest job there is. It can be fulfilling, but it is a struggle to land clients and deliver work at the same time.
  3. Taking time off makes it more difficult to land your next job when you return. Your skills will deteriorate if you don’t use them. The gap in your resume will also raise eyebrows.

Don’t follow your dreams

Rarely do your dreams/passion pay well. Many people love to be creative – write, paint, make movies, etc. But those careers generally don’t pay well. This post on LinkedIn sums it up well.

Suck it up

My suggestion is to suck it up and do your job. Embrace your skills, celebrate the small wins, enjoy your vacations/time-off to their fullest, and save for the future.

Be thankful you have a job. At any time, your company may lose a major client or miss the mark about the future. Companies big and small shut down and have layoffs all the time. If you get laid off, then that is the time to reflect on your career choices.

Work on your skills. You were hired and kept around because you are decent to good at your job. Build on those skills so you can get a promotion and a raise.

Enjoy your time off. If you want to travel, take your 2-3 weeks consecutively and travel. Maybe you have the option for longer sabbatical, sure take it.

Think about the future. Sure, live in the moment and enjoy the day, but plan for the future.

If you really still want to quit your job or follow your passion, then find a side hustle to help you satisfy those desires.